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Dr. Abraj Web Site

The method of Dr.Abraj application: an innovative way in the analysis of patterns of personalities and consensual relationships of all types, based on the sciences of NLP and the science of personality patterns and some methods of cognitive therapy behavior combined with the science of numbers; this is all without the methods of astronomy, astrology, divination or similar forbidden methods.
Its way of applying Dr.Abraj compatibility is much better than astronomical maps in understanding and analyzing characters.
When it comes to numerology, there are no coincidences. Dr.Abrajapplicationsolves the problems of the lack of understanding of the person or the people around him, and also works to understand the person to the reactions of the actions in different situations for himself or people around him, and the application we can identify and know sets of personal patterns of each individual, and reactions in different situations Personal, and basic information needed to deal with.
Dr.Abraj application Consents is based on the compatibility of patterns of characters with each other, which sheds light on the advantages and disadvantages of different relationships by analyzing based on innovative relationships using the characteristics of signs on the basis of gender and date of birth.
The services can be personal analysis of one or several individuals and their relations together, Whether in the sphere of personal or family life, career, and other types of relationships.
For example: relationships of all kinds, as well as the relationship between parents and their children and how to know the style of children and therefore behave with them in a correct educational manner, also in the business between the employee and his colleagues or managers, and between the manager and his choices for his employees and subordinates (where the manager needs to understand the personalities of those working with him to enable him Directing the best of them, and vice versa employees need to understand the patterns of their managers to become better work, and so on).
Using the method of calculating the numbers enables us to know exactly the types of your signs or your personal patterns as follows: "Solar sign - Chinese Year sign - Digital Dominator sign- The Digital Impressionsign - The Digital Hidden sign”

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